Sunday, 2 May 2010

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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Estación 4 - Peña Compadres 2

The team arrived in Cartama Estación in good spirits and ready for a tough match against the league leaders, who haven't lost a single match all season.  A fine first half effort resulted in 1-1 with a great goal by Javi from the centre kick-off just before the whistle.  The second half was exciting with plenty of chances for both teams, but the match was won by the better team on the day.
With some unexpected results from other league matches, these 3 points lost were not quite as important as they could have been. 

Half time : 1-1
Final result : 4-2
Goal scorers : Javi, Jorge

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Axarquía 1 - Málaga 4

Congratulations to the "Compadres Quartet" chosen by Juan García de la Casa to form part of the Málaga team of first year Alevins, to play in a friendly against a selected team from Axarquía, on Saturday 3rd April.  A lovely day was enjoyed by all those who travelled to Almayate to watch this well contested game.... everyone played well, both as individuals and as part of the team.  Thanks to the organizers who prepared a huge paella to satisfy the appetite of both players and their families.

Great teamwork from Málaga selection to beat Axarquía 4 - 1

This friendly match between a selection of Málaga first year alevíns and a select team from Axarqúia resulted in a victory for the visitors from Málaga. Despite having only a little time together on the pitch, the lads chosen by coach Juan García de la Casa showed their ability to play at this level with team mates from other league teams with no problem at all - in fact the spectators enjoyed a great match with lots of Tiki Taka... Well done!

Half time : 1-2
Final result : 1-4
Goals : Jorge (Conejitos) Sergio Esteban (Peña Compadres), Joaquín (Puerto Malagueño), Curro (Ronda)

Axarquía 1 - Málaga 4

Axarquía 1 - Málaga 4 (friendly 3rd April 2010)

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Peña Compadres 5 - Malaga CF 2

3 important points won by the Peña Compadres lads on a windy day against the visitors from Málaga.

Half time : 3-1
Full time : 5-2
Goals : Sergio Esteban, John, Jorge (2), Antoñito

Malaga Selections

4 players from the Peña los Compadres Alevin A team have been selected by Málaga to play in a friendly match in a team of first year Alevins against another select team from Axarquía.  Congratulations to Sergio Esteban, Yousef, Léon y John. ¡Good luck and have fun!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Peña Compadres 5 - Marbella Paraiso 0

A great performance by the Los Compadres team against the visitors from Marbella Paraiso, who put on a good battle, but only had one real shot on goal thanks to some great defending by Yousef, Moreno & Miguel.  This came from a free kick in the second half, which was well executed, but the goal was denied by a fantastic save by Benito.
German opened the scoresheet after just a few minutes, followed by an incredible free kick conversion by Yousef.  John did a great job in the midfield, despite being closely marked throughout and Jorge made some good attacks up front.  Sergio was also marked tightly, but put on a great performance and lined up a couple of great passes in front of the goal, converted by Moreno and Juampe.  Manzano also scored a brilliant goal from a fast ball down the right wing.  The whole team gave it their all from start to finish and definitely deserved to win these important 3 points .....well done! 

Half time : 3-0
Full time : 5-0
Goal scorers : German, Yousef, Moreno, Manzano, Juampe

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Tiro Pichón 0 - Peña Compadres 3

A well contested match, which went into half time with no goals, although Peña Compadres had mostly dominated but with a few missed chances. Sergio Esteban opened the score sheet by scoring from a penalty shortly after the start of the second half, and then scored a second goal as the Compadres visitors started to find their form and put together some good attacking moves.  The third goal was a cracker from Antonio, to secure these important there points for Compadres.
Half time : 0-0
Full time : 0-3
Goal scorers : Sergio Esteban (2), Antonio